AC/DC Bottle of Bootlegs - VOL.1
Portada - Contraportada
1. Who Made Who (remix)
2. Highway To Hell (remix)
3. You Shook Me All Night Long (Private Parts)
4. Back In Black (Brian & Jackyl)
5. Locked & Loaded (Brian & Jackyl)
6. Gloria (Bon & Spektors)
7. Welfare Boogie (Bon & Fraternity)
8. Report On Bon Scott's Death
9. Bon Scott & David Ray (entrevista)
10. Ride On (última grabación de Bon antes de su fallecimiento)
11. Little Lover (demo)
12. Can I Sit Next To You Girl (demo)
13. Soul Stripper (demo)
14. Rock And Roll Singer (demo)

AC/DC Bottle of Bootlegs - VOL.2
Portada - Contraportada
1. Cyberspace (Brian la presenta en la radio)
2. You Shook Me All Night Long (unplugged)
3. Johnny B. Goode (Live Bon Scott)
4. Arizona Lover (solo de guitarra de Angus)
5. Hard As A rock (No Bull)
6. T.N.T. (Live'00 con Dave Evans)
7. Kicked In The Teeth (Live'79 bootleg)
8. Fling Thing (live Glasgow'78)
9. Guns For Hire (San Sebastián'84)
10. This House Is On Fire (live)
11. First Blood (New York'85)
12. Playing With Girls (New York'85)